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Do you want to be able to speak Bahasa Indonesia, whether it is for business or leisure?

At IndoSlang, you will learn how to speak Indonesian in both formal and informal contexts, and graduate from our classes with prime information about living in Indonesia. 

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Stretched for time? We also provide live online classes via Zoom, with small class sizes of max. 8.

You can save on traveling time and still get the best resources and teachers in the comforts of your own home. 

In-Person Indonesian class

Do you prefer physical classes? We provide face-to-face classes at our centre so that you can comfortably learn at your own pace.

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 8 to ensure maximum efficiency in learning the language, with a dedicated teacher.

Siu Seng shares about why he learns Bahasa Indonesia with us.

High Quality
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Our teachers use a unique curriculum that covers Indonesian vocabulary and grammar as well as culture, heritage, and way of life. Our lessons also use real-life examples and contexts that will give you an understanding of how your words might have different meanings in different contexts.

Commercial clients

We also teach you local Indonesian slang and customs that will help you to relate to the everyday Indonesians. We are confident that you will be well prepared to conduct your business in Indonesia, and more.

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We believe in working only with experienced teachers in small group settings, because we see how our students benefit from the personalised experience. This emphasis on quality means that IndoSlang may not be your cheapest option, if you compare us in dollars per hour.

But we believe it is well worth it, because you’ll simply learn Indonesian faster. Join us in a no-obligation, free online trial class, and find out whether IndoSlang is the right language school for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Malay and Indonesian the same language?

No. While the Malay and Indonesian languages are highly related and mutually intelligible, there are differences in spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary differences.

Want to know more? Read our article on Indonesian vs. Malay.

How fast can you learn Bahasa Indonesia?

This depends on the level of mastery that you want to achieve. If you the beginner level (CEFR A1) takes around 150 hours of study. To reach C1 level (advanced) will take approximately a total 1000 hours of study. Study hours are a combination of instruction and self study. You can speed up your learning by being focused, using Indonesian whenever you can and getting quality instruction.

Here at IndoSlang, we streamlined the program, and if speaking and listening is what you aim for, you can learn that quickly with our syllabus. Speak to us to find out more.

What is hard about Bahasa Indonesia?

If you are used to the English pronunciation, Bahasa Indonesia pronounce their alphabet the Dutch way. So if you’re a Malay speaker there is some unlearning and relearning to do.

The good thing about that is the consistency. You learn one Bahasa Indonesia and you can speak to all 199M+ Indonesian speakers.

Bahasa Melayu for e.g. is different in West and East Malaysia.

Is there a difference between "Indonesian" and "Bahasa Indonesia"?

No. Bahasa is Indonesian for “language”. “Bahasa Indonesia” means “Indonesian language” in Indonesian.

Why is the online Indonesian course cheaper than the in-person course?

Our online Indonesian course has exactly the same curriculum, teachers, number of hours and group size. But compared to the in-person class, we save money because there is no need to reserve a classroom. We pass these savings on to our online class participants.

What's the relevance of Indonesian language for Singapore?

Not only is Bahasa Indonesia the world’s 12th most spoken language with 199 million speakers, it’s also the official language of one of Singapore’s neighbours. 

 There is a lot of interaction between Singapore and Indonesia. Indonesian companies like Gojek are active in Singapore, and vice versa, Singaporean banks and other multinationals have huge business interests in Indonesia. And then there is the tourism vice versa!

Is it possible to take Indonesian courses at IndoSlang with SkillsFuture credits?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer SkillsFuture Eligible Indonesian courses under the IndoSlang name. 

However, our parent school, Crystal Learning, offers small-group, online SkillsFuture eligible Indonesian courses

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