Our Bahasa Indonesia courses

If you are looking for Indonesian courses, Singapore offers a number of options. At IndoSlang, we pride ourselves as one of the premier Indonesian language school for Adults. It’s worth noting that our courses are top-notch and affordable. Our small group classes are very reasonably priced to ensure that everyone has a chance to learn Bahasa Indonesia in Singapore progressively.

As far as “conversation” is concerned. We try to build the interest of our students around the subject, making them much more comfortable and confident. We also teach our students a local Indo slang so they will sound “localised” to the ear of a native speaker.

Bahasa Indonesia Beginner 1 Course

We call this our basic Bahasa Indonesia course, but do not let the name fool you. This course is designed to make your life in Indonesia much, much easier.
Unlike those off the shelf textbook, which teaches a range of topics designed for people of all ages. Our books are designed specifically for adults going over to Indonesia. You will be surprised, that with our book you will excel at Indonesian surprisingly fast. All you have to do is start with these lessons.

Bahasa Indonesia Beginner 2 Course

This course continues on what Beginner 1 left off by learning more vocabulary that are based on real life scenarios.

By focusing on topics that are immediately relevant to you, you will learn faster and this is the best way for adults to learn Bahasa Indonesia in Singapore.

Bahasa Indonesia Intermediate

In the Intermediate 1 course, you learnt how using  prefixes (e.g. “ber-”, “di-”, “me-”, “pe-”) suffixes (e.g. “-nya”) and circumfixes (e.g “me-kan”) in Bahasa Indonesia can change the meaning of the root words and significantly alter their grammatical purpose. While that course focused primarily on prefixes, the Intermediate 2 course will build on that knowledge to examine in greater detail how suffixes and circumfixes play their part in changing the meaning and structure of root words and sentences respectively.

With a more rounded understanding of Bahasa Indonesia, you will thus be equipped to engage with the language in a more fruitful way through a greater emphasis on practical role-plays and scenarios using richer, more exact expressions and higher level, more complex grammar structures. 

We offer a free trial class.