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If you are looking for Indonesian courses, Singapore offers a number of options. At IndoSlang, we pride ourselves as one of the premier Indonesian language school for Adults. It’s worth noting that our courses are top-notch and affordable. Our small group classes are very reasonably priced to ensure that everyone has a chance to learn Bahasa Indonesia in Singapore progressively.

As far as “conversation” is concerned. We try to build the interest of our students around the subject, making them much more comfortable and confident. We also teach our students a local IndoSlang so they will sound “localised” to the ear of a native speaker.

Hesitant about online classes?


We understand your concerns about online classes. Some of us feel that physical classes are better suited to us. However, online classes are great for the following reasons, especially during the pandemic:

More Effective Articulation and Pronunciation 

With the safe-distancing measures enforced, both teachers and students are required to wear masks at all times. Wearing a mask can affect teaching and learning. On one hand, the pronunciation may not be clear. Next, you are unable to read the teacher’s lips. Lip-reading often helps the student to pick up the correct pronunciation quickly.

Convenience Without Compromise 

Just like Working From Home (WFH) arrangements, accessing classes online is convenient. You can access the class in just a few seconds with the click of a button! Likewise, if you are based outside of Singapore, you can learn with us without needing to travel.

Teaching quality and standards are not affected, and you receive the same materials and dedication to your learning needs.


IndoSlang Online Classes is priced differently from the physical classes. We transfer all our savings to you! 

Take Charge of Your Learning, With IndoSlang Online Classes

We put in a great video on why online is better.

Why learn with Indoslang?

We Provide The Best Curriculum to Suit Your Learning Needs

Our Indonesian course was designed from the ground up to be straightforward and efficient – you learn useful conversation based on scenarios you will encounter in Indonesia. We get you faster to your learning goals because we know what you need. After 10 years, we do know. Trust us.

Small Class Sizes For Effective Teaching and Learning

Our class sizes are intentionally kept small, with only a maximum of 8 students per class. Our small class sizes have proven to be effective in helping our students to learn Indonesian quickly, at almost twice the speed of those who attend larger classes.

 Official Certification Provided

We provide certification from A1 to C2. These certificates are aligned with the standards set out by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. This means that our certificates are recognized by businesses and would help your profile to stand out to employers who are looking for people who can converse in Indonesian.

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We offer competitive rates in Singapore without compromising on quality.