Small Group Class

Teachers and students often feel more comfortable when the class size is smaller. Students generally feel more comfortable voicing their questions and opinions. Teaching is student centred and often more communicative than is possible in large classes. Students also have more opportunity to speak.

Proprietory Syallbus

We use a proprietary syllabus created by curriculum experts with more than 20 years of experience. It is divided into 3 levels of 18 hours each.

We teach you local slang

You know immediately when someone speaks your language in a very formal manner, although it is polite it may sound weird to you and It is hard to communicate with someone like that. Our syllabus teaches local Indonesian slangs to give you the communication edge.

Award winning team

The team was nominated for several awards and we were awarded the Singapore Prestige Enterprise award in 2014. We constantly seek to better ourselves to give the best for our customer.

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