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Proprietary Textbook

The book is designed by IndoSlang for adults to start speaking from day 1. We start from scratch; not with tons of grammar patterns and all kinds of tedious theory, but with skills you can actually use. Our Indonesian conversation course brings you what you need to start speaking Indonesian as soon as humanly possible. 

Learn useful Indonesian

Since we design our own textbook we are able to prioritize learning on situations that are likely to happen very frequently so that you can start putting your newly acquired conversation skills to the test immediately. You likely will take a cab or order food a couple of times a day in Indonesian. This is just one example of regularly recurring situations in Indonesian.

Learn the local Cultures

There are cultural differences between Malays in Indonesian and Singapore and even if you know how to say things in Bahasa Indonesia, it can be tricky to know what to say. A straight translation from English to Bahasa Indonesia is often not going to be very helpful without understanding the cultural context.  That is why our Indonesian conversation course is also localized and adds context whenever a topic is covered.