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Indoslang has the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world. We take pride in exceeding their expectations and ensuring that every student that we trained develop a valuable language skill they could use to further meet their company’s objectives.

We are only as good as the reputation of our students and work diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our students always come first.

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Ying Yi

She speaks Bahasa Indonesia after just 24 hours of training

Review by award winning writer - Grace Tan

Just last month, I popped by Surabaya (Indonesia’s 2nd largest city, after Jakarta) to catch up with a friend, and attend a traditional Javanese wedding. It made me fall in love with Bahasa Indonesia again – it’s pretty easy to pick up, especially if you’re familiar with a bit of the Malay language in the first place. Also, it uses the Roman alphabet so you don’t have to memorize new strokes / letters as when you’re learning Japanese or Tamil. If you want my recommendation for a good place to learn Bahasa Indonesia while in Singapore, I’d direct you to Indo Slang, which is located just a stone’s throw away from Chinatown MRT station. The location is perfect....read more

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Mark Birkett
Mark Birkett
10:47 28 Nov 18
I learned Bahasa for my girlfriend. She's Indonesian. I can now understand what her father says. 🙂 Best decision I ever made.
Paul Chu
Paul Chu
12:41 25 Nov 18
I was due to be posted to Jakarta for work. In preparation, I completed Beginner 1 to Intermediate 1 modules within 60 hours of private lessons with guru Candy under 4 months. My experience was excellent with Indoslang. Indoslang offered a trial class where I met guru Candy. She is a lively teacher who is a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia but also able to speak English and Mandarin. This was very useful for learning because of her explanations. She is also very friendly which helps to build rapport in a private class. Indoslang’s administration was also very efficient and they confirmed my registration and planned my schedule quickly. The modular syllabus is well thought through and preps the student well to read, write and speak. Although I still have more to learn during my Indonesian posting, Indoslang has prepared me well in my move.
Mei Choo
Mei Choo
09:56 24 Nov 18
I can't believe I now speak the Indonesian language fluently. It's as if I am a native! Since I finished the Language course, I've become more confident even if I'm not in my own home country.
Jenny Adams
Jenny Adams
17:32 04 Nov 18
If you want my recommendation Indo Slang, you already got it the first day I attended your free trial! Really like the atmosphere and how friendly the trainers were!
Brenda Murphy
Brenda Murphy
08:11 31 Oct 18
I'm hired! And I'm finally working in Indonesia! My preparations for this job were all worth it. I studied Bahasa because it was one of the main requirements. I feel lucky that I learned the language and one of the best language schools provided this learning.
Adrian ch
Adrian ch
08:10 25 Jun 18
Lim Mon Swee
Lim Mon Swee
10:16 15 Apr 17
Lim Siew Yen Lynn
Lim Siew Yen Lynn
10:13 15 Apr 17
"My classes with Indoslang had been awesome. I have been taking the classes for almost two months, twice a week and I am really happy about my improvement. Now I feel more comfortable and secure when speaking Bahasa Indonesia and more fluent, too. One great thing about the class is that I could fix my goals with my teacher so she prepared the lessons according to that. It was a completely customized program. I thank my teacher for all her patience and extraordinary enjoyment of teaching Bahasa Indonesia. I fully recommend indoslang!
User Popular
User Popular
10:06 15 Apr 17
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Feryani understood the dynamics of the class well, taught the outside of the book and was super good at putting us at ease and getting us to open up to learn the language.
John Lee Jiong Yao
Saya Suka Datang Ke Kelas! I have learnt alot from Guru Candy. The material and content learnt are certainly very helpful in real life. My purpose for learning Bahasa Indonesia is to use it as a business language in the future. After attending 12 classes, I am able to comfortably introduce myself during interviews and using Indonesian and the interviewers were pretty impressed. I will definitely recommend the centre to all people who are interested in Bahasa Indonesia.
Ying YiSMU
Maria has been patient, helpful and informative. I had a good time!
CynthiaBusiness Development
The course is very interesting and enriching. We can learn more if we practice more through conversation mode. E.g. during the class, all must only speak Bahasa
Andrew Fung IT
Maria has been patient, helpful and informative. I had a good time!
CynthiaBusiness Development
The teacher and student ratio was good. The content taught is useful.
Guru Iwan has a good rapport with the class as usual. Lesson materials are adequate and a step up from Beginner 1.
Armond Bushfield
Nice study environment. Very impressive about the teacher. I have enjoyed studying here. Thank you Liliani for her patience and kindness.
Tina ZhouClinical Assistance
A big thank you to Ms. Lililiani who make learning Bahasa Indonesia fun. Always cheerful and going beyond expected service Mary Lye
Mary LyeBusiness Development
Candy is very patience tutor that always accommodating to our request for changes.
Michael DongSales

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