candy profileWe know that you are a busy working professional and are looking for a Bahasa Indonesia course or some effective Indonesian courses Singapore for a specific purpose. You may wish to connect with your customers on another level or you are learning it to communicate with your indonesia office. This means you need to learn the most important, the most useful Bahasa Indonesia you can. There is no time to waste on language that you cannot use.

You also want to make sure that your Bahasa Indonesia sounds OK. You want people to respect your speaking ability and to understand you. You must find a middle ground. You need to learn Bahsasa Indonesia that is both practical and professional.

Our proprietary syllabus are a a result of years of research together with Bahasa Indonesia tutors and professionals, we asked them what they are looking for and consolidated their suggestions, thoughts and ideas into 6 levels of IndoSlang materials.

We are not like just any other Indonesian language school Singapore. Our goal is to make learning a 2nd language enjoyable and a satisfying experience for you.