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Free Trial Classes

Perhaps you have been looking for a Bahasa Indonesia course in Singapore for a while. And you’re just not sure which course is right for you. We understand your dilemma. How to make an informed decision?

Pretty much every school, including us, will ask you to make full payment before joining the course. We need to do that, because we have commitments to keep to our teachers as well. But as a student, it’s hard to sign up for something you haven’t experienced yet.

We believe in working only with experienced teachers in small group settings, because we see how our students benefit from the personalised experience. This emphasis on quality comes at a price as well.

So, come and experience first-hand what it’s like to learn Indonesian with us. Sign up for our no-obligation, free trial class! Just leave your details here.


My language Indo teacher Brian S. is the best. He is patient and takes the time to explain some background to help us better understand. I like it that he knows how to use chinese word to show the subtle differences in meanings. Thank you Brian! Pagi is also always responsive when I need help. Thank you Pagi too. “

Jacqueline Yeo

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I learn Business Bahasa Indonesia?

It is best to start from the basics to build your foundation.

Like Business English, Business Indonesian isn’t separate from the original Indonesian language; In fact, it uses the vocabulary and grammar from General Indonesian, but beginner learners of Bahasa Indonesia will find it challenging to absorb the language of Business Indonesian because the latter deals with ways of expression, tones, and register which aren’t frequently used in the general Indonesian vernacular. Hence, beginners in Bahasa Indonesia will encounter difficulties in understanding even ordinary Business Indonesian. Read more here

Is Bahasa Malayu similar to Bahasa Indonesia?

Bahasa Indonesia strived to enrich its vocabulary trove with unique expressions, integrating numerous words peculiar to Indonesia. For example, the word “nggak” for “no” is absent in Malay which uses “tak”. A speaker uttering “nggak” in his discourse reveals that he isn’t Malaysian but Indonesian. Besides native words, Indonesian has also adopted many Dutch words which are unfamiliar to Malay speakers e.g. “handuk” – Indonesian and Dutch for “towel” while the Malay equivalent is “tual” which is closer to English.  Read more here

How do I learn? Which class option to choose?

Click here for a detail step by step decision-making guide

Should I learn Indonesian or Malay?

To answer your question, I would recommend you learn Indonesian first and later Malaysian because Indonesian slang is spoken by 300 million people but Malaysian slang only by 30 million people. If you are staying in Indonesia, then you must learn Indonesian to get around. If you know Indonesian, Malay is just easy.

What is UKBI? Does Indoslang help us to attain it?

UKBI (Uji Kemahiran Berbahasa Indonesia) is a test of Indonesian language proficiency in both oral and written. · UKBI tests one’s ability in listening, reading, speaking, and listening. When you have reached a certain proficiency level we will help you to apply for it.

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