Our courses are designed for you to start improving immediately no matter where you are. If you are new to Bahasa Indonesia, our beginner course covers the basic, enough for you to survive in the streets of Jakarta.

In the beginning, there are no complicated tenses, you started off with basic words to form sentences and locals will be happy for your effort to learn their language.

You should expect a certain level of fluency after completing Beginner Level I and II.


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.37.51 AMAfter you have completed the beginner course you may choose the modular option. Choose from 10 units of useful modules designed for real world scenarios. Each modules will take around 2 hours to complete.


Useful language for travelling


Hosting a event in Jakarta? Learn the event language.

Me and myself

The language of self introduction.


The language of dining. e.g. How to order food?

And many more useful modules!

Progress in a standard pathway following the Common European Framework of language (CEFR)option 2


You learn basic words to form sentences. No tenses


Learn circumfix. Adding depth to what you learned in beginner course


Improve your comprehension by learning to read and write

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