Valerio completed one level of Bahasa Indonesia and he is now able to hold a simple conversation with a native speaker.

If you are looking for Indonesian courses, Singapore offers a number of options. At IndoSlang, we pride ourselves as one of the premier Indonesian language school for Adults. It’s worth noting that our courses are top-notch and affordable. Our small group classes are very reasonably priced to ensure that everyone has a chance to learn Bahasa Indonesia in Singapore progressively.

As far as “conversation” is concerned. We try to build the interest of our students around the subject, making them much more comfortable and confident. We also teach our students a local Indo slang so they will sound “localised” to the ear of a native speaker.

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Beginner 1 & 2

24 hours/level, total 2 levels

Intermediate 1 & 2

24 hours/level total 2 levels


Customise Bahasa Indonesia for your work


Small Group Class
6 - 8 pax
12 weeks

Learn faster in a small group class

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Centralised Location

Private Class
1 to 1
10 weeks

Flexible schedule and location

Learn at your own pace

Customised content

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